Bullion Checklist


5 Reasons to buy store gold silver platinum
The top 5 Reasons to buy and store gold, silver and platinum bars and coins with BMG
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Only Pure Bullion
All bars purchased through the BullionBars™ program meet industry good delivery status.
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Secure, Worldwide Storage
Gold, silver, platinum bullion secure storage in LBMA member vaults provides the peace of mind that BMG BullionBars™ clientele come to expect. Our clientele may also take delivery of purchases at their discretion at any time.
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No Compromise
Physical bullion, when purchased and stored with BMG never compromises the core attributes of physical bullion investment: Absolute Liquidity, No Reliance on Management Skills and No Counterparty Risk.
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BMG Offers
Private, secure, allocated bullion storage with titled ownership within LBMA member vaults. BMG is the first choice for investors who value discretion, security, experience and confidentiality. All records are kept in off premise servers. Personal information is never shared with third parties of any type. BMG takes pride in its international reputation as one of the world’s most respected large-scale bullion dealers.